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I work with executives and change makers around the world via video, telephone and in-person on Savary Island, to enable greater clarity on goal setting and achievement, resulting in increased personal and team performance.

Coaching is a confidential and uninterrupted time with someone outside your world who can offer a safe, external space to explore topics you may be mired in, and who holds the space for you to consider a different approach.

Sometimes we are so close to our dilemmas that we can’t see them simply and clearly. In the most basic way, this is where coaching helps. 


In each session, I actively listen, creating a safe, non-judgmental space for you to work through your situation and explore your possibilities. Providing both support and challenge frees you to see your situation from a fresh perspective allowing you to generate new ideas and creative solutions.


This process can help you reach new levels of performance and satisfaction.

As your coach, I partner with you to define measures of success for what you want to accomplish in the coaching engagement and hold you capable. You define your direction, and move forward with awareness, clarity and confidence.

This is non-directive coaching - you think through barriers and develop your own solutions. I support you stretching yourself with confidence.

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